The Ultimate Submission

The CHOKE in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the pinnacle of all submissions.  When properly applied it renders the opponent unconscious.  That’s it!  Game over.  Seem easy enough?  Well, I want to express my understanding and opinion of THE CHOKE so that my students (and hopefully the BJJ community as whole) apply this submission in all its various forms, with the highest level of sophistication.  If we aim for a high level of sophistication, we represent ‘The Gentle Art’ for what it is.  An effective, highly evolved, ethical, self-defense system.

But the term CHOKE is a misnomer.  We use the term only for simplicity.  But STRANGULATION has too many syllables I guess.  But, that’s what the submission really is…a strangulation.  Restricting the flow of blood to the brain, leading to unconsciousness. But for continuity and simplicity, I will keep referring to it as a CHOKE.

Levels of Sophistication

Not all chokes are equal.  There is an interconnectedness of target and application to Continue reading →